The best characters in Dragon Age

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By Aimee Oliver

Posted on May 10, 2016 in Fun Stuff with tags Games

Though perhaps overshadowed by Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls series, Dragon Age is pretty enthralling in its own right. There are shocks aplenty, morally grey characters, decision-making that actually affects the world you’re playing in, and one scene I will not forget until I die (clue: Frankenstein’s monster). At present, my partner and I are playing our way through Dragon Age: Inquisition, so we have not yet unlocked all of the mysteries of Ferelden and Orlais, but nonetheless here are my favourite characters that I’ve run into so far

My list is bound to be controversial – there are several Marmite characters in the Dragon Age universe – so let us know your top five in the comments below.




Sure, they haven’t rewritten the script regarding Oghren – we’ve seen a lot of drunken, gruff dwarves in our time – but this guy I love. He’s funny, rude, and kind of gross. You can almost buy his friendship by finding alcoholic beverages around the Ferelden countryside, and he’s a bit two-dimensional, but all the companions kind of are in Origins.

It’s only in Awakening where his character becomes fully-formed. We find out more about his family life, how he left old flame Felsi and his newborn baby behind for a life of being a Grey Warden, and only through your encounters with him can you persuade him that he should take a more active role in his child’s life.

Plus, bonus fact – he’s voiced by the same guy who plays Grunt in Mass Effect. That’s enough to make anyone fall in love with him.




IsabelaShe is, to me, the Jessica Rabbit of the games world. Plus she’s funny, dirty and a pirate ship captain. She has adorable conversations with Merrill, the surprising blood mage, where they talk about very grown-up things. Sure, she does kind of drop you in it with the Qunari at the end of DA2, but you have to forgive someone who gets stuck into the fray like she does – she could totally be a member of the Rat Queens.




Shale is a downloadable character found in DA: Origins. It’s a stone golem with a sarcastic tone and a fascinating history; once a female dwarf who volunteered to become a golem. This ended with experimentation, death, and Shale’s long-lasting hatred for pigeons. It’s worth downloading Shale as a companion based on the strength of the following quote:

“Now, let us crush something soft and watch it fountain blood. That is a girlish thing to want to do, yes?”



Ah, Varric. It’s all about the chest hair.


A silver-tongued surface dwarf from Kirkwall, Varric might be the most loyal companion in the entire series, always siding with the Champion regardless of whether they choose to fight alongside mages or templars in DA2. He and his brother Bartrand exhibit the typical sibling rivalry, until a lyrium idol is thrown into the mix and all hell breaks loose, leading to some interesting side missions.

Don’t forget about his signature weapon: Bianca, a crossbow.


Wade and Herren

(Editor’s note: we need more Wade and Herren gifs!)

Denerim’s blacksmith couple, Wade and Herren have brilliant back and forth, and Wade makes awesome dragon scale armour – a guy who works with bits of dragon definitely deserves a spot on my list.


Honorary mentions go to Iron Bull and Dorian – Dorian for his sarcastic tone and well thought-out backstory, and Iron Bull for the very out-there romance he can have with the Inquisitor.

And there you have it!


A special shout-out goes to the cast of Torchwood for finding their various ways into the world of Dragon Age. Take a bow, Eve Myles (Merrill), Gareth Lloyd-Jones (Solas) and Indira Varma (Vivienne)!


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