Friday Favourites: Dinovember Dinosaurs!

By The Hodderscape Team

Posted on November 14, 2014 in Friday Favourites with tags Dinosaurs

DiNovember is still in full swing, so here are team Hodderscape’s favourite dinosaurs. When picking out our favourite dinos, we used rigid and objective criteria such as: coolness, badassness, pointiness and whether or not they make a cameo in Jurassic Park.



It’s like a rhino, but angrier, and it’s seriously gigantic, and has three horns for stabbing and a ruff like an Elizabethan boss, and can fight a T-Rex, and maybe even win sometimes, and I would ride one into battle like a time-travelling viking-princess and become ruler of the universe. Also triceratops babies are adorable.

– Anne



Because look at those wings! They were totally the scariest in Jurassica Park, what with all the swooping down and grabbing people.

Also, great use of silent p.

– Naomi


Pachycephalosauria_jmallon 1280px-Pachycephalosaurus

I cannot pronounce this dinosaur’s name, and I don’t know much about its history or biological makeup, but I know this: it has a bad ass skull cap. Its name also means ”thick headed lizard’, which is a pretty great insult.***

– Fleur



I like the T-Rex. It may not be the most graceful of dinosaurs, but if you ignore the tiny arms, it sure does look scary.

Rawr… and stuff.

– Sharan


Film Jurassic Park (1993)

Because it’s screechy and annoying.

– Emily



What can I say, these guys just have such a positive attitude! Giving the thumbs-up wherever they go.****

– Amy

 * One dinosaur swot (*ahem* Anne!) pointed out that the pterodactyl is not a dinosaur, but we’re including it because it is cool and plays a vital antagonistic role in Jurassic Park.**

** A second dinosaur swot (or possibly the same one, honestly) would like to amend the above footnote from Jurassic Park to Jurassic Park III.

*** A third dinosaur swot (it couldn’t possibly be the same person, right?) is here to help: it’s pronounced packy-sef-a-la-saurus.

 **** Someone who is definitely not Anne would like to add that the iguanadon was the first dinosaur ever identified as a unique species (by George Gideon Mantell in 1822; the fossil was initially picked up by his wife), and also that it was originally thought that the thumb-spike went on the iguanadon’s nose.

***** We’re just going to sneak in here to say that the not-dinosaur in FN 1 is actually a pteronadon, but pterodactyls are also awesome.



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