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By Sharan Matharu

Posted on February 16, 2016 in Film, Review with tags

What did I do on Valentine’s weekend? I watched Deadpool, and it was AWESOME. Don’t worry guys, no spoilers.

I honestly thought that it was going to be disappointing, the marketing was too good and I was worried that all the good stuff happened in the trailer and then I’d be bored for almost two hours. Instead, I got one hundred and eight minutes of pure undiluted ass-kicking, joke-spewing, profanity-wielding Deadpool action. Ryan Reynolds has finally found his niche!

The movie has a basic guy saves girl storyline, but I’ll forgive it just because it makes sure that none of the characters are stereotypes – your hero is an ass who is disfigured, your heroine is a badass stripper – and possibly a prostitute – and your villain is a hot British guy (okay, that’s very cliché but he is so very pretty so we’ll allow it). To make up for the standard plot Deadpool plays with its timeline, we get flashbacks during fight scenes and, skilfully, it never kills the pace – the decision to have Deadpool consistently breaking the fourth wall was a good one, his wit and NSFW humour seamlessly ties scenes together, meaning we never feel disrupted when he takes us back in time to explain how he came to skewer a guy with dual kitanas. 

If you love a good easter egg then Deadpool won’t disappoint – seriously, it won’t disappoint at all. There are so many that it pretty much just gets ridiculous (in a good way) – the sheer number of overt and covert references to other Marvel franchises makes it clear that it can and will comment on everything, no holds barred. Deadpool referenced the X-men series so often it bordered on being forcefully funny but it’s saving grace was breaking the fourth wall (again and again) when referencing Hugh Jackman, James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart and how confusing the X-men timeline has become – it’s less irritating when he’s saying what we’re all thinking! 

When you go and see this movie make sure that you watch the end credit scenes – they might not be the epic, I’m-on-the-edge-of-my-seat scenes that you were hoping for but they are funny and definitely give you some very real bits of info about the future of Deadpool.

Watch it and be prepared to thoroughly enjoy yourself!



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