Coming from Hodderscape in 2016

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on February 3, 2016 in Books with tags

Despite becoming extinct in roughly 1662, the Hodderscape dodo has a busy year ahead of her with publications galore. Here’s a look at what treats the Hodderscape Team have in store for you this year.

We have debut novels from Matthew Blakstad, Paul Criley and Thomas Olde Heuvelt, new novels by legendary writers such as Stephen King and Guy Gavriel Kay, and sequels that might make you want to stage a sneak attack on Hodder Towers from *deep breaths* Pierce Brown, Daniel Polansky, J.P. Smythe, Scott K. Andrews, Becky Chambers and Rebecca Levene. We can’t wait to tell you more about these, so make sure you’re following us on Twitter to get the latest. And perhaps some early giveaways. If you’re lucky.

If you’re a reviewer who would like to get your (very clean) paws on one of these books, drop a line to

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Hodderscape Yearbook 2016


And coming to you in wonderously portable paperback and audio formats…

Hodderscape Yearbook Paperback 2016


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