Classic Covers: from the Hodder archive

By Anne Perry

Posted on October 22, 2013 in Books with tags Book Covers

Howdy! Today, in honour of Nunslinger, we’re featuring two covers from the Hodder archive.

Today’s covers are, respectively, the hardback and paperback editions of Bar-20, one in a long-running series of westerns by Clarence E. Mulford, featuring none other than Hopalong Cassidy.

The hardback edition is undated but is likely from the 1920s, (Bar-20 was first published in 1921)and features, among other delights, a gorgeous title page: hodder

But I’m particularly pleased to have both the hardback and the paperback editions available to compare. (Paperback on the left.)

bar 20 covers

It’s clear that art from the hardback’s dust-jacket was adapted for the paperback; I don’t know exactly how, but it looks like someone copied the art; much of the detail from the hardback is missing for the paperback. But the desperado in the bandoliers looks that much more sinister on the paperback, with his face more shadowed and the blood on his cheek more obvious.

The paperback dates from 1954 and is in fantastic shape. And, from both, I learn that Hodder Towers used to be located in Warwick Square (Now Warwick Lane), near St Paul’s Cathedral.


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