CARAVAL secret covers: nothing is quite as it seems

By Naomi Berwin

Posted on October 14, 2016 in Fun Stuff with tags Book Covers, Stephanie Garber, caraval

We reveal four secret hidden covers underneath the dust jacket of Stephanie Garber’s mesmerising, magical debut CARAVAL.


Not so long ago we revealed the stunning cover for Stephanie Garber’s mesmerising debut Caraval…


Yep, we’re pretty much obsessed with it.

But that’s not all. At Caraval, nothing is quite as it seems, and so we are even more excited to announce that underneath that gorgeous dust jacket will be FOUR secret covers – featuring beautiful foil illustrations on the board itself. The different images will be randomly spread across the print run, so you could get any one of them and you won’t know which until you peek under the dust jacket!

Because we love to build up the suspense, we are going to be revealing the four animations every three hours throughout the day, with a little help from our partners Fairyloot (at noon), Maximum Pop (at 3pm) and Brit Book Boy (at 6pm).

But to kick things off, here’s secret cover number one, right here…

Caraval secret cover 1


We hope you love this as much as we do, and enjoy unearthing the rest of the images throughout the day!


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