Darkest Fear, by
Cate Tiernan

Darkest Fear by Cate Tiernan

The first book in a new series by Cate Tiernan, written in her signature tone of dark, mesmerising, and intriguing…

What is your birthright?

Vivi Neves has rejected everything her parents hold dear – their heritage, culture, traditions – and their dark family secret: they’re haguari – cat people, shapeshifters who turn into jaguars, as their ancestors have done for thousands of years.

Then, tragically, her parents are killed. Vivi can cling to her own beliefs and live her life the way she wants -or she can embrace her heritage and avenge her parents’ deaths.

With danger closing in on her, her decision is forced . . . and she’s pulled deeper into a mystery that gets darker and more dangerous until finally she must face her heritage . . . or die.


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