Children of Earth and Sky, by
Guy Gavriel Kay

Children of Earth and Sky is the spell-binding epic new historical fantasy from prize-winning author Guy Gavriel Kay. Blending history and the fantastic, it is a towering achievement that will delight fans and new readers alike.

When the world is divided between those who worship the stars and those who worship the sun…

When the balance of power is shifting and the City of Cities has fallen…

When men and women are caught up in in the vortex of war…

In extraordinary times, no lives are untouched, legends emerge.

Danica Gradek, from a walled town of pirates – who joins a sea-raid filled with a long desire for vengeance. The merchant Marin Djivo who will keep his head when others lose theirs. Leonora Valeri forced to be a spy, destined for something very different. Pero Villani travelling east to paint the world’s most powerful man, and perhaps do more…They will all be tempered and tested in war-torn lands that lie between the silver city on its lagoon to the west and the thrice-walled golden city in the east. Their lives will intersect, history will change.


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