7 book inspired LEGO creations that belong in a museum

By Hodderscape Team

Posted on April 13, 2017 in Books, Craft Corner, Fun Stuff with tags

These people have taken their love for literature and LEGO to the next level with incredible tributes to classic novels. From a recreation of Hogwarts so detailed it may have induced a few tears, to a majestic diorama of George R. R. Martin’s Red Wedding, this LEGO art will leave you speechless.

We’d love to see more literary LEGO – share away in the comments!


1. The Battle for Helm’s Deep

Lord of the Rings Helms Deep LEGO

You thought that LEGO fortress you built as a kid was impressive? This recreation of the Battle for Helm’s Deep from Lord of the Rings will make you reevaluate your whole childhood. Comprised of (approximately, we presume) 150,000 pieces, it was created by Flickr user goelkim2011 and you can see it in all its wondrous detail here.


2. Dune

Dune LEGO sandworm

This sandworm emerging from the sand before a trio of fremen majestically recreates Frank Herbert’s science fiction classic Dune. You can see more of RebelRock’s Dune creations here.


3. Hogwarts Castle

LEGO Hogwarts


Okay, so the official Hogwarts castle LEGO set is cool, but we actually shed a tear when scrolling through Alice Finch’s incredible LEGO recreation of Hogwarts. Take a full tour here.


4. The Red Wedding from A Song of Ice and Fire

LEGO Game of Thrones Red Wedding

Some people would rather forget the Red Wedding, but Flickr user diegoboy has preserved George R. R. Martin’s bloodiest scene in a beautiful diorama. Check it out here.


5. The Day of the Triffids Day of the Triffids LEGO

EuroBricks forum user PaddyBricksplitter paid tribute to John Wyndham’s classic tale of plants gone wild with this amazing bit of LEGO art.


6. The Dark Tower

LEGO Dark TowerStephen King’s magnum opus the Dark Tower series deserves LEGO art of equal stature. We think David Collins’ piece does the trick. 


7. Discworld

LEGO Discworld Great A'Tuin

There’s a lot of amazing tributes to Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series out there, but this recreation of the Great A’Tuin by Flickr user Bertrand Fa has to be our favourite. See more of his Discworld work here.


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