The Best of Philosoraptor

By Sharan Matharu

Posted on November 12, 2014 in Fun Stuff with tags Dinosaurs, Philosoraptor

Philosoraptor is here to answer some important questions. Well, actually, Philosoraptor is here to answer a lot of questions that most people never even think to ask. Let’s go through some of my favourites.

We all have existential questions: Who are we? How did we get here? If hipsters are mainstream, are they still hipsters?

Wait… what?


The one that challenges our childhood conceptions:


The one that questions the system:


The one that teaches us math:

root of evil

The one that is really in right now:


and the one that makes you think outside the box:

plot twist

Got some Philosoraptor musings that you think are truly inspiring? Share them with us! Just to leave you with something to think about, have one more for the road:



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