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By Sharan Matharu

Posted on March 16, 2016 in Fun Stuff with tags

It will probably come as no surprise to all of you, but at Hodderscape HQ we like some pretty awesome stuff – Buffy, Firefly, any vampire or werewolf movies, Disney cartoons and the list goes on. What you probably also know is that a few of the team have a love for a really, really bad movie. Emily Kitchin and I decided that the time was ripe for us to talk about what really makes a bad movie, good.

SM: So it seems as though we both have a love of terrible movies, I’m pretty sure we’ve individually made lists of our favourites – though I think mine leaned towards poor production and stories, and yours towards the horrifying and gory…? I think it’s safe to say that we keep Hodderscape classy. So as a fellow bad movie lover, do you hunt for new films or do you just stumble across them?

EK: I like to go by recommendations from friends. I’m not going to watch a bad horror film unless someone I trust has already told me that it’s really, REALLY bad. TEETH is a good example – it’s a friend of mine’s favourite (bad) film. I loved it, although to be honest, it’s a little gore-lite. Do you have any favourites?

SM: Ah, as I’ve probably told you, and almost everyone on the Hodderscape team, my favourite bad movie is Thankskilling. It’s the worst thing that I’ve ever loved, and seriously it is puntastic – and who doesn’t love a good pun? I do have my limits though, I tried to watch Sharknado and I really didn’t like it very much, I’m all for ridiculous concepts but honestly it was just bad. I’m trying to put my finger on what makes a good bad movie, and what just ends up being a terrible bad movie… all I can think of is the entertainment value, if it makes me laugh then I like it. What separates the two for you?

EK: You make a good point: it’s all about the entertainment value and the laugher. For me, if I’m laughing whilst simultaneously shrieking with sheer revulsion and disgust, it’s a tick in the box. I have yet to see Thankskilling, which is ridiculous given your very enthusiastic championing of it; I shall be treating myself over Easter. I have to say that really hammy, over-the-top acting does it for me, too, as do ridiculous but totally gross special effects. Do you think that today’s bad horror films beat those of yesteryear?

SM: I’m a big fan of ridiculous special effects, the infamous Megashark jumping out of the sea and eating a plane has to be one of the best – so stupid, but so amazing. I’d say that nowadays it’s harder to find a bad film that is fun to watch, people tend to take themselves a bit seriously and especially if its horror it does tend to be painfully dull to watch rather than amusing – I’m a sucker for the older ones. Just yesterday me and my housemate were making a list of the Japanese Godzilla films that we want to watch, that is going to be difficult because some are genuinely good films and others are awful – I feel like I need to watch them all to satisfy my desire to see a great film and a bad one (like the first American Godzilla film)! Do you think that any mainstream movies would be on your list?

EK: It wouldn’t have even occurred to me to watch Japanese Godzilla! A strong choice. Can I come? I think my list is pretty un-mainstream, but there are definitely some cult classics on there! One of my all-time faves has to be The Dentist 2, watched in secret when I was younger. The dentist’s drill has never been so terrifying. What about you?

SM: I think a regular trip to the dentist would have me scared! Well, definitely the American Godzilla – maybe also Signs. Oh. My. Lordy. That is a terribly made film with quite a few plot holes, but I love it – bad looking aliens and all! You should definitely come and watch them with us, the first Godzilla movie was actually a great film – not bad in any sense, but many of the sequels are known for being pretty poor. I think we’ve reached a good standpoint on terrible movies – they are awful, gory, silly, funny, and we love them.


If you like a bad movie, then let us know – we’re always looking for suggestions. You can send us good movies too, but we can’t promise that we’ll respond with the same level of enthusiasm…


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  • Shonna says:

    I often have Bad Movie Nights. The worst movie to date – that I will admit to watching – was Yo Yo Girl Cop.

    However, a bad movie I loved? That would have to be Batman and Robin from 1997. I should be ashamed, but I’m not. I loved the campiness and Chris O’Donnell

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