Announcing the winners of our Poison City competition!

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on August 4, 2016 in Competition with tags

To honour the publication of Poison City, a few weeks ago we put a call out for pictures of your pets behaving badly. Little did we know the evil we had unleashed…

It was hard to pick, but based on the totally objective criteria of cuteness, creativity and evilness, here are the winners…

1. This cat causing major delays to public transport – @Hitchcocked

2. These rats engaged in an unspeakable act – @ZoeMarkham

And while they commit acts of literary savagery, her cat is taking to the bottle…

3. The rat who ruined Christmas – @LizMordue


4. This majestic ecological disaster – @KVJohansen


5. The devil him/herself – @s77tux


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