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By Sofia Hericson

Posted on July 20, 2018 in News with tags Hodderscape, Hodderscape Review Project

When the brief came through asking me to work on the rebranding of Hodderscape, I was instantly super excited (and equally petrified!) as I know how passionate HS fans are and I wanted to create something they would love and relate to.

With so many great SciFi and Fantasy books published in the last few years, we’ve seen great changes in what our readers want from Hodderscape. It has been fascinating to see the development of worlds where social, cultural and political issues are key threads in the stories we choose to read. Our readership has changed. It has become more diverse. We as readers want to know about different cultures, hear from different voices, and read more widely – and so we needed to refresh our image to reflect that.

As you all know, the iconic Hodderscape dodo is inspired by the legendary Pickwick from Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next, and we wanted to keep it as the main icon of the brand.

With that in mind, I set out to design a new version of our dodo, one that was both cute and confident… a dodo with presence, if you will.

I started with three sketches: a relaxed one, a more detailed one with Kawaii eyes, and an edgier one with attitude.


I loved the edgy dodo, but I understood that maybe the attitude wasn’t quite right for Hodderscape. Kawaii dodo was too cutesy, so I focussed on developing option 1.

I knew I liked the legs, and I liked the eyes (kind of giving us a side look) – but there was something not quite right about the neck and head… I tried a more realistic version and came up with this:


Once the drawing got the green light I started working on variations and colours.

dodo options

We wanted something adaptable, that could be used across the different strands of SFF. However, it was clear to see that less was more in this case so we opted for plain backgrounds.

more dodo options

When looking at the rows of colours, the yellow clearly jumped out, so I developed that a little more…

almost final dodo

We love the idea of embracing non-normative perfection, so I made sure to not use perfect circles in the drawing – adding a little wiggle here and there, and ditching the encompassing circle for a more dynamic frame. Fleur was keen on the yellow, but she wanted it to pop even more, so we went for a fluorescent pantone instead.

final dodo

We hope you like the new Hodderscape look just as much as we loved creating it.



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