8 (Magical) Reasons To Visit Caraval

By Naomi Berwin

Posted on January 29, 2017 in Fun Stuff with tags caraval

We keep on telling you that CARAVAL is magical, that it’s full of mesmerising mystery and misdirection… But don’t just take it from us! Here are eight ridiculously beautiful descriptions from the book itself that are sure to make you desperate to visit.

1. The canals were circular, like a long apple peel spread out around curving lantern-lit streets, full of pubs piping russet smoke, bakeries shaped like cupcakes, and shops wrapped in colors like birthday presents. Cerulean blue. Apricot Orange, Saffron yellow. Primrose pink.

2. A bayan tree grew in the heart of it, teeming with tiny birds made of wonder. Winged zebras and avian kittens, miniature flying tigers wrestling with palm-size elephants that used their ears to keep aloft.

3. A fire breathing dragon chased a mermaid across the forest on his abdomen, while cherubs shot arrows from above his ribs. Some speared coy fish, while others pierced clouds that bled yellow dandelions and peach flower metals.

4. Scarlett took the book cautiously. Every time she turned a page, two more seemed to appear behind it, all of them painted with fantastical pictures.

5. Rimmed in a wide moat of black flower boxes that circled the rounded two story building like a brim, the place was shaped exactly like a top hat, with a path of buttons leading to its black velvet door.

6. The Caraval sky was a creamy blur of butter and vanilla swirls. It made Scarlett think the air around her should taste like sweetened milk and sugared dreams, but all she could tase was dust and haze.

7. Constellations Scarlett had never seem domed a vast, inky night. The world was made of a rimless balcony, its floor a stretch of luminous onyx, with oversize cushioned lounges in shades of stardust, and small fire pits growing incandescent blue flames.

8. The ground was dotted with flower petals instead. The forest was shades of green and olive and jade and ivory. Even the tree trunks were covered in rich emerald moss, except for the bits wrapped in gold-and-cream streamers.

Wish you were there yet?? Fortunately you no longer have to wait – CARAVAL is available now in paperback and eBook!

Remember, it’s only a game . . .


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