6 geeky plant accessories

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on May 24, 2017 in Craft Corner, Fun Stuff with tags

Looking to add a touch of greenery to your apartment or office desk? Don’t settle for a sad spider plant. Level up with bulbasaur planters and Hobbiton terrariums.


Dinosaur plant pots

Nothing says home sweet home like a gold triceratops with a succulent erupting from its spine.

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Hobbiton terrarium set

The closest I will ever get to our dream of living in Hobbiton.

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Bulbasaur planters

Exceptionally cute.

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Baby Mandrakes

This is terrifying and I would not let it into my house.

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Mini dinosaur eggs

Currently taking pride of place in the Hodderscape terrarium, these mini dinosaur eggs hatch if you water them. We’re on tenterhooks.

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And for those incapable of keeping even the hardiest of plants alive…

Buy: Forbidden Planet


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