23 Reasons Jupiter Ascending is THE BEST

By Anne Perry

Posted on December 23, 2015 in Film, Hodderscape Advent with tags Film, Science Fiction

Jurassic World had Blue the Raptor. Ant Man had a tiny Paul Rudd. Pitch Perfect 2 had singing. Mad Max had all the awesome.

But they pale in comparison to 2015’s very best movie, Jupiter Ascending. Here are 27 reasons why Jupiter Ascending is seriously, honestly, the very best thing ever committed to celluloid, in this year and in all other years.

  1. It’s a movie about a space princess named Jupiter Jones
  2. who’s the reincarnation of the mother of a race of space emperors
  3. and they all want to marry her
  4. or kill her
  5. or both
  6. meanwhile, she falls in love with a half-dog/half-man supersoldier
  7. named ‘Caine Wise’
  8. because of course he is
  9. and she can control bees
  10. (also Sean Bean is a bee-man named Stinger
  11. who lives on Earth with his… daughter? in a house filled with bees?)
  12. The plot is, like, about how the space emperors
  13. harvest human beings
  14. to make themselves immortal
  15. and Jupiter has to defeat them to save the Earth.
  16. There are space roller-blades
  17. and space flying-dragon baddies
  18. and some really staggering gowns
  19. and jokes about paperwork and queues
  20. (right in the middle of the film, which makes no sense at all).
  21. Eddie Redmayne did this —->
  22. and somehow still won an Oscar.
  23. They did this to Channing Tatum – BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE
  24. There was a joke about a maxi pad
  26. and in the end space princess Jupiter Jones space roller-bladed off into the sunset with her supersoldier dog-man boyfriend WHO ALSO HAS WINGS.



One comment on “23 Reasons Jupiter Ascending is THE BEST”

  • Barbara Mayo-Neville says:

    Finally watched it. Hubby and I thought it was great. Couldn’t figure out why there was so much negativity about it. Yeah, it was a little weird–isn’t that what we want????

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