22 geeky Valentine’s Day e-cards

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By Fleur Clarke

Posted on February 10, 2015 in Fun Stuff, Television with tags Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is cheesy. Puns are cheesy. The punning e-card is Valentine’s at its very best. Bonus: they’re free and you can hide your true feelings and overwhelming fear of rejection behind a light-hearted, comic veneer. Win win!

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is such a romantic show. You should probably send your lover one of these, accompanied by a severed hand. There’s even more of them over here.
Game of Thrones Valentines


Edgar Allan Poe

Hearts are cute, right?

Edgar Allan Poe Valentine

Harry Potter

Charm the House socks off your Valentine’s with this card. Bonus points if you send it by owl.

Harry Potter Valantines


Jurassic Park

Make up for the fact that you aren’t Jeff Goldblum with this raptor. (NB: this won’t actually make up for the fact you aren’t Jeff Goldblum.)

Jurassic Park Valentine


Classic Monsters

Retro! Get the full set here.

Monsters Valentine


Lord of the Rings

Do not finish that sentence Frodo. More Lord of the Rings Valentine’s here.

Lord of the Rings Valentines


Classic Authors

H.P. Lovecraft, Mary Shelley and Aldous Huxley have their seduction game on point in these Valentine’s. Find more authors at the top of their game over here.

HP Lovecraft Valentine Mary Shelley Valentine Aldous Huxley Valentine


These are the perfect way to invite someone to ‘build a pillow fort’ with you.

Community Valentines



Star Wars

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for humans, robots can join in too! (No, not those kind.)

R2 Valentine Card


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

If someone gave us one of these, we’d probably marry them. See the full set of Scoobies in all their Valentine’s glory.

Xander Valentine Buffy Valentine Spike Valentines

Bonus Giles

Bonus Buffy Valentine because this is Hodderscape and we can’t help ourselves.

Giles Valentine


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