20 Christmas Crafts

By Anne Perry

Posted on December 20, 2014 in Hodderscape Advent with tags Christmas Crafts, Crafts, Fun Things To Do

We here at Hodderscape Towers love crafting. So today we’ll be sharing some of our favourite holiday crafts from around the (internet) world!

diy-satsuma-candleOrange peel stars. These are so pretty and delicate.

Orange rind candle holders. These smell lovely and make any table setting extra festive.

Orange peel rosettes. Better than pot pourri!

Dried fruit ornaments. I tried making these once – and failed. Best of luck!

Pomanders. You can also dry these in a box of spices and make lovely, scented permanent pomanders. Just like the Tudors did!

Rosemary wreaths. The best thing about rosemary wreaths is how nice your hands smell once you’re finished.

Wreath chandelier. A little more time-consuming than many of the projects here, but really strikingly beautiful. And wreath chandeliers are an ancient kind of decoration; I dimly recall that the Vikings may have made these. Maybe.

imagesThe Wreath of Khan Yes, it’s a Star Trek joke. So worth it. (If you really want, you could make it with Benedict Cumberbatch rather than Ricardo Montalban, but why would you?)

Scandinavian woven hearts Super easy, and great as ornaments or little gift baskets.

Star Wars snowflakes. The classic geeky Christmas craft!

Origami star ornaments. True story: the first year I had my own tree I didn’t have enough money to buy ornaments so I made fifty origami stars and decorated it with them. It was a lovely tree.

Dinosaur ornaments. Obviously.

Dinosaur menorahs. Even more obviously.

3D gingerbread Christmas tree. Invite me over to help you eat make this, okay? Mull some wine while you’re at it.

Snowy balloon ornaments These are those cool-looking rigid cage-like things? Whatever. You know what I mean. They’re neat.

Minion and TMNT ornaments. Your children/cousins/nieces and nephews will love you forever.

Captain America tree-skirt. Craftsy, geeky, and patriotic!

Kissing balls!  So easy and so pretty.

There are loads more geeky Christmas craft ideas here! Now go forth and make beautiful things.









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