18 emoji you may find useful in a speculative fiction story

By Matthew Blakstad

Posted on December 18, 2015 in Fun Stuff, Hodderscape Advent with tags

Every speculative fiction writer should have these emoji in their arsenal.

1  Black hole emoj Black hole.

2 🌀 Time vortex.

3 🍥 Time vortex appearing in sushi.

17 💠 Blue Infinity Gem.

4 Flying saucer noise.

5 👾 State-of-the-art CGI alien.

6 🎽 International Rescue summer uniform.

7 📛 A zombie bit the top off my no entry sign.

8 🔌 A zombie bit the top off my light saber.

9 🚨 Exploding brain of Morbius.

10 Kabaa emoji I LOVE what you’ve done to your black monolith.

11 🔳 Black monolith on Hoth.

12 🍙 Black monolith on Hoth where it has become buried under a snowdrift.

13 🎴 Hoth setting behind the black monolith.

14 🍪 Millennium Falcon hidden in an asteroid.

15 🐛 Space slug emerging from asteroid crater to swallow Millennium Falcon.

16 🍘 Asteroid setting behind the black monolith.

18 👹 Bannakaffalatta.


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