17 Sandwiches (that’ll blow your mind)

By Lavie Tidhar

Posted on December 17, 2014 in Hodderscape Advent with tags Food

Lavie Tidhar gives Hodderscape the scoop on his top seventeen favourite sandwiches of all time!

Seventeen sandwiches. That’s quite a lot!

Or is it?

  1. Hot salt beef bagel

Home Made Bagels with Hot Salt Beef, Pickles and Ball Park Mustard on the New Brunch Menu at Solita, Northern Quarter, ManchesterThe ultimate sandwich. Like the Highlander, there can be only one! With pickle and hot mustard.

  1. Smoked salmon and cream cheese on rye

With a squeeze of lemon – essential – and a sprig of dill (optional).

  1. Chicken and bacon baguette

An English classic, and so versatile! A mix of some sort is the usual – some with crispy bacon, usually with mayonnaise – but don’t be afraid to make this fresh, with slices of each.

  1. The number 19

A vanished sandwich. Used to be made at Farmer Brown’s, a long-time London institution before it finally shut a few years ago. Slice of chicken breast topped with melted goat’s cheese and roast pepper, on ciabatta.

  1. Lamb with roast peppers

It’s one of those dishes you make the day after. Leftover lamb roast topped with roast peppers – you want something like a baguette for this – some spicy mustard to offset the lamb.

  1. Ham and cheese

A quick classic. Can’t go wrong.

  1. Tuna salad

tuna-salad-sandwichI recommend some red onion for bite, cucumber for crunch, and parsley for freshness. Mix with a bit of mayonnaise. Don’t forget a good squeeze of lemon to really bring out the flavour of the fish. Serve on white or rye.

  1. Pastrami and gherkin

Not much to say really. You can’t perfect perfection.

  1. The perfect burger

The blueprint of a good home burger is as follows:

Bun bottom (lightly toasted).
One leaf of lettuce (to absorb grease).
Patty (cooked).
Slice of tomato.
Onion slices, in rings (raw. Ideally red onion for that perfect crunch).
Dill pickles (the dill is what really makes the burger).
Cheese (optional).
Ketchup and mustard.
Bun top to close it all.

You’re welcome.

10. The meatball sub

Baguette, meatballs, cheese, mustard – chilli or roasted peppers optional.

11. Banh mi

04sandwich-michelman-tmagArticleI got addicted to these when I was living in Laos. Baguette, pate, red pork, chicken spam (no, really), fermented carrot, cucumber, enough chilli sauce to drown a small city – it’s the perfect hangover cure!

12. Bagel egger

Fried egg, bacon, cheese and mayo in a toasted bagel. The other hangover cure.

13. Druze pita with labneh and za’atar

The classic Druze breakfast is served with a fresh flatbread pita, labneh (strained yogurt) and roasted wild thyme mixed with sesame and sumac.

14. Pulled pork bap

With some crunchy coleslaw.

15. Fresh trout baguette with salad

The+Perfect+Grilled+Cheese+Sandwich+800+1581A bit unusual, but warm trout with fresh salad, set in a baguette, makes for a nice late breakfast.

16. Cheese on toast

With a splash of Worcestershire sauce. The old reliable when you have nothing else in the cupboard.

17. Bacon roll

The English classic on which an empire was built. With brown sauce, not ketchup!


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