12 Christmas crafts for geeks

By Sarah Tong

Posted on November 16, 2016 in Books, Craft Corner with tags Christmas

Add some awesome to your Christmas with these 10 crafty creations. From subtly bookish ornaments, to the not-so-subtle full sized tentacle covered trees, here at hodderscape we have it all!

1. Decorate your tree with teeny tiny books


This tutorial is specifically for our favourite school of witchcraft and wizardry, but can easily be tailored to any book that makes you feel the christmas magic

Source: Popsugar


2. Show your colours with these DIY Game of Thrones Snowflakes



Let your nerd flag fly!

Source: True Blue Me & You


3. Pay homage to Arthur Conan Doyle with this subtle shout out to Sherlock

baker street

Just in time for the Sherlock Christmas special

Source: Instructables


4. Repurpose holiday cookie cutters for the Great Galactic War


Who’da thunk the Millennium Falcon was the exact same shape as a Christmas bauble

Source: Sweet Sugar Belle


5. Revisit the books of your childhood with a Dr. Seuss themed Christmas tree


This one is actually loads of tutorials in one, that combine to make a whole tree of Dr. Seuss perfection. You are welcome.

Source: A Pop of Pretty


6. If in doubt, freak ’em out, with the Cthulhu Tree


Alternatively, if (like me) you prefer your Christmas a little more on the nerdy side of nerdy, bring Cthulhu into your homes this Christmas with the Cthulhu Christmas tree! You can buy finger tentacles here. Bonus : these ones glow in the dark.

Source: Geyser of Awesome


7. Spread the Christmas cheer with Marvin the Android


“Here I am, brain the size of a planet, and they ask me to hang about on the tree. Call that job satisfaction? Cause I don’t.”

Source: Instructables


8. Construct a towering gingerbread Burrows


If you’re going to make a gingerbread house, why not make the most complicated and precarious looking house ever invented?

Source: Instructables


9. Transform boring non-awesome Christmas lights into these Lightsaber Lights


Because Christmas is important, even for Jedi Knights.

Source: Desert Chica


10. Stay warm (and adorable) with this stupidly cute Dire wolf costume


Hint : Easily alterable for adult size

Source: Rust and Sunshine


10. Cut up an old book and craft a beautiful Christmas card


Now, most book lovers will quake at the thought of cutting up the book – but these do look rather lovely.

Source: Hodderscape


11. Put your feet up with a mug of home made Butter Beer


Have a Harry Potter Holiday!

Source: Popsugar


12. Make some book baubles with match boxes


Stick your favourite cover around a matchbox and create a cute bookish ornament for your tree. What you do with all those left over matches is up to you…

Source: Hodderscape


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