11 majestic handmade Dune sandworms

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on May 13, 2015 in Books, Craft Corner with tags Frank Herbert

This year is the 50th anniversary of Frank Herbert’s Dune, the world’s bestselling science fiction novel. Behind every great work of science fiction is a legion of fans who want to cosplay as it, bake it, knit it and recreate with LEGO. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the ways fans have paid tribute to the most recognisable occupant of the Dune universe, the Sandworm.

Known to native Fremen as Shai Hulud, the giant sandworms of Dune dwell deep in the desert of the planet Arakis. Over 400m long and possessing a serious set of gnashers,  the sandworms are the sole source of the spice melange, a drug that does everything from increasing a person’s life-span to making intersteller travel possible. Suffice to say, melange is in pretty high demand. The worms create the spice, and he who controls the spice controls the universe.

Now, these sandworms aren’t made out of sand, they’re made from bread, LEGO, wool and, uh, gummy worms. Take a look at these awesome sandworm crafts…


Spice-filled sandworm bread

Dune Sandworm Bread 2 Dune Sandworm Bread

I highly recommend you check out all the geeky recipes on the Kitchen Overlord’s website (and then bake them and send them to our address). This sandworm is made of all the good things: sugar, cinnamon, butter, sugar etc. Now, if only someone could make a 400 metre long one…

Get the recipe 


Sandworm magnetic wall hanging

Dune Wall Hanging

Plumb new depths of professionalism with a Dune magnetic business card holder. Or just give up all pretence and cover it with geeky postcards.


Check it out on Etsy


DIY worm cosplay

Sandworm Dune Costume 2 Sandworm Costume Dune 1
This Shai Hulud costume is all kinds of impressive and it’s made out of a children’s play tunnel.  I remember those play tunnels, they were very boring and a lot less exciting than Game Boy, so any children you know will probably be grateful if you take one off their hands. Just explain the situation, they’ll get it.

Get the instructions


Origami Leto Atreides II, God Emperor of Dune

Dune Origami Sandworm

I can only just about manage a crane, so I’m seriously impressed with this origami.

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Sandworm cucumber and hummus dip tray

Dune Sandworm Dips

This is not only a recipe for a sandworm cucumber and hummus dip tray, this is a recipe for awe and respect from all your party guests. Or you could just eat it alone while watching David Lynch’s 1984 Dune adaptation, whatever floats your boat.

Get the recipe


Knitted sandworm
Knitted Dune Sandworm

Who ever said knitting was boring?

Get the instructions


LEGO sandworm

Lego Dune Sandworm 1 Lego Dune Sandworm
The detail in this LEGO sandworm is incredible. What I particularly like is that they don’t forget the importance of dental hygiene to a being with such an impressive array of crystalline teeth.

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Sandworm cake

Sandworm Cake

Makes this for wedding, make this for a birthday, make this for sitting down and traw

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 Plushie sandworm

Sandworm Dune Plushie

An soft and cuddly Shai Hulud to cuddle up with at night.

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 Dune giant gummy worm

Gummy Dune Sandworm

Just one of many reasons why you need a two foot long gummy worm in your life.

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Crocheted Muad’Dib and sandworm

Dune Sandworm Crochet Dune Sandworm Crochet 2
This is incredibly cute and, unfortunately, sold out. We shall not look upon its like again.

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Have you seen (or made!) anything inspired by Dune? Tell us about it in the comments!


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