10 Buffy gifts to fill the hole in your heart

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on March 9, 2016 in Television with tags Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is now 19-years-old. Does that make you feel old? Does that make you feel like you’re alone in a cave with nothing to keep you company but a Gnarl demon slowly eating you piece by piece?  Do you need a present?

Ease your pain and celebrate the birthday of The Greatest Show of All Time with one of these gifts. Or alternatively, re-watch the entire thing on Netflix. Then repeat and repeat until you die alone on your sofa, cursing Joss Whedon.


1. An iPhone case that is pure evil

Buffy iPhone Case

© BovaArt

This case features all the big bads and currently adorns my iPhone. I can confirm that it is both awesome and durable. If the apocalypse comes, people can beep you in style.

Via: Red Bubble 


2. Your own team of Buffy the Vampire slayer dolls

Buffy the Vampire Slayer dolls

© bettyoctopus

Download these patterns and make your very own Scooby Gang. Is it wrong that I’m still kind of attracted to Spike even in felt form?

Via: Etsy


3. The Buffy comics

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Comic

The only way to get over the end of Buffy? More Buffy! The comics kick off right after Season 7 ends, with lots of action from the usual gang, plus a great story arc with Faith and Giles over our side of the pond.

Via: Waterstones


4. A ‘kiss the librarian’ mug

Kiss The Librarian mug

© FantasyIsland2016

Recreate that iconic Spike scene with this mug. Blood: optional.

Via: Etsy


5. All the Funkos

These will look great on your mantelpiece. They will look great on your bookshelf. They will look great cradled in your arms as you reminisce about the good old days, when slayers were slayers and vampires were devastatingly attractive. Well, two (or three) of them at least.

Via: Forbidden Planet


6. Demons of the Hellmouth by Rupert Giles

Buffy Demons of the Hellmouth

The authoritative illustrated guide to the Hellmouth. Mandatory reading for all potentials.

Via: Waterstones

7. A cross-stitch Scooby Gang


© GeekyStitches

© GeekyStitches

You’ll never be part of the Scooby Gang. Come to terms with that. Okay, now go away and cross-stitch them instead.

Via: Etsy


8. The Once More, With Feeling sheet music

Once More With Feeling Sheet Music

If you can play the piano, you need this. If you can’t play the piano, you need to find someone who can, and then force them to serenade you.

Via: Amazon


9. A Buffy Slayer of the Vampyres t-shirt

Buffy Slayer of the Vampyres T-shirt

© Tom Trager

If (like any sane Scooby) ‘Storyteller’ is one of your favourite Buffy episodes, this t-shirt belongs on your body. Wear it, re-watch ‘Storyteller’ and imagine the Andrew Wells cinematic masterpiece that never was.

Via: Red Bubble


10. This incredibly romantic set of prints

Buffy and Spike cameo prints

© JadeJonesArt

Pay tribute to one of the most romantic scenes in television with these prints.

Via: Etsy


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