How to get your hands on a set of limited edition Becky Chambers prints

Limited edition Becky Chambers prints

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on June 29, 2016 in Books, Competition with tags becky chambers

There’s still a few months left before the arrival of A Closed and Common Orbit. Unfortunately we can’t catapult you through a wormhole and into October. But, maybe a set of limited edition prints will ease the pain?

We commissioned these prints from Aentee at Read at Midnight after reading her fantastic review of The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, and spending a lot of time ogling the wonderful creations in her Society 6 store. They’re inspired by quotes from The Long Way:

The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet is one of my favourite science fiction books of all time. Its diverse cast of characters filled up my heart and redefines the term #squadgoals. As the series focuses on voyages of both the personal and intergalactic kind, I featured vintage astronomical maps and galaxy motifs in these designs. I hope you like the posters, I am so excited for us all to get our hands on Common Orbit!’ 

You can find Aentee on Twitter @readatmidnight.

Limited edition Becky Chambers prints

To get your hands on these prints, send proof of your pre-order, and the address you’d like your prints sent to, to

It doesn’t matter whether you pre-order a hardback or an ebook, at your local bookstore or an online retailer – just scan your receipt or forward us your confirmation email. They’ll be printed on thick 240gsm A4 card, and shipped on the week of publication.

And, there’s more! Everyone who emails us with proof of their pre-order will also be entered into a draw to win a limited edition proof of A Closed and Common Orbit. There are only 700 of these in the galaxy, and they’re rather delightful.

This offer is open to UK residents only and closes on 19th October 2016. Read the full terms and conditions here.


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