Open Submissions: March 2016 update

By Anne Perry

Posted on March 11, 2016 in Fun Stuff with tags Open Submissions

A number of people have asked for an update on the open submissions process. Ask and ye shall receive!

The long and the short of it is this:

If you haven’t heard from us yet then we are still considering your manuscript.

Please be patient with us as we cross this final submissions hurdle! If you submitted a manuscript and received a notification email last August then we have accepted and logged your submission. We have already been in touch with the majority of people who submitted and are now whittling down the remaining submissions and deciding which to move forward with.

We will eventually be in touch with every single person who submitted a manuscript during our open submissions window. Again, if you submitted and you have not yet heard back, then we are still considering your submission.

Please do not email us asking for updates.

The more time we spend answering email queries the less time we have to spend reading and considering your submissions and the longer the process will take.


42 comments on “Open Submissions: March 2016 update”

  • Dee Harrison says:

    Thanks for these updates πŸ™‚ Much appreciated

  • Douglas Pierce says:

    Yes, thank you for the update!

  • Stephen Jones says:

    Thanks for giving us another update! πŸ™‚

  • Jennifer Smith says:

    According to the last update, you’d narrowed your field down to about 600 manuscripts. Can you tell us approximately how many are remaining?

    • Mark Spano says:

      I agree with Jennifer and Alan…any way you can tell us a ballpark idea of how many manuscripts you have left for this round? Thanks.

      • Anne Perry says:

        Hi, all,

        I’ve got a round of rejection emails I haven’t had a chance to send out yet and about 100 manuscripts left to decide on.

        I hope that helps!

        • Jennifer Smith says:

          It helps a lot. Thank you!

        • Stephen Jones says:

          Eeek- this is both exciting and terrifying news!

          Thanks for the update! πŸ™‚

        • Shonna White says:

          Thanks for that, Anne. I’m both excited and in an utter state of unbelievable panic.

        • Alan Denham says:

          Oh well. All that hope – and then I turned out to be one of that ’round of rejection emails’ you mentioned on Monday morning. Such is life. Thanks for giving fair consideration to our efforts.
          Maybe next time!

          • Chris Wright says:

            I was likewise a faller at this hurdle. But this open submission was the spur to get my writing out of the doldrums and a long needed revision completed. Many thanks.
            (Frequent visits to this site also led to the purchase of 3 Hodderscape books, so positives all round πŸ™‚ )

  • SJMatthews says:

    Thank you for keeping us updated. Regular updates make the wait easier.

  • Alan denham says:

    I would like to ‘second’ the messages above from Jennifer Smith and SJMatthews.
    But aside from that – thanks guys, I am learning patience (the hard way!)

  • Jeffrey Getzin says:

    Whoops. I just replied to an older thread asking what was going on. Um … never mind. πŸ™‚

  • Dave Barsby says:

    Ouch! All three books rejected within the space of 2 minutes. Better start writing the next one I guess. Thank you for taking the time to consider my offerings.

    • Anne Perry says:

      Don’t worry – we considered all three submissions very carefully! I just happened to send all three rejections separately, one after the other, as I am trying to get in touch with everyone who is still waiting for news as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Rob Hinkle says:

    I received my rejection this morning. I just wanted to drop a quick line and thank the team for their hard work in wading through the sea of submissions. It was a strange thrill just waiting for the other shoe to drop, and my best distraction so far has been immersing myself in writing the next novel. My congratulations to those who made the cut, and I hope to see you all on bookshelves very soon.

  • Cecilia Satterthwaite says:

    Thanks for the update.
    I can’t access the email which I sent the submission in with. So, I don’t know if my story has been rejected or not. I did send you an alternate email, but got no reply.
    So my heart is still in my mouth, but the news that you’ll be doing more open submissions is brilliant news.
    Thank you so much for doing all this hard work.

    • Anne Perry says:

      Hi, Cecilia,

      We received your submission back in August. I’ve checked our records and see that we have not yet made a final decision about your submission. We will make every effort to reply to you at the address you provided for this comment, if that suits.

  • Mark Spano says:

    I also received the rejection email yesterday (the 30th). A sad day, but I felt like it was a long shot anyway….Thank you for the real shot πŸ™‚

  • Jeffrey Getzin says:

    Will there be consolation prizes? For instance, if I don’t get accepted, will I get a lifetime’s supply of chocolate or something?

  • Jeffrey Getzin says:

    Ok, in all seriousness, I’m dying here. I *think* I submitted an entry to the contest, but I’m not sure. That means I’m either a finalist or a nobody (though my mom thinks I’m very handsome). I’m Schrodinger’s Author.

    Can you please confirm whether you received an entry from me?

    If you didn’t, am I still eligible for the free chocolate and booze?

    • Douglas Pierce says:


      I’m a fellow author still waiting to hear back as well. You should have received a confirmation e-mail back in August. Good luck!

      • Ashfae says:

        Another waiting here. I can’t believe I’m still in the running, assuming I haven’t fallen through the cracks somewhere. I’ve given myself a rule to only check the website for an update once every two weeks at most. πŸ˜‰

  • Mel Teshco says:

    I’m waiting too with baited breath. Wonder how many ms’ they have left now?

  • annoyed says:

    At this point I’ve pretty much given up – the lack of ANY contact aside from the initial automated email from Hodderscape is completely unprofessional. It’s unfair to ask authors to try and find a half-baked “update” page that just basically says “shut up and wait” along with a snarky veiled threat of “any email will just make things worse.”

    The publishers would do themselves and the authors a great service by simply being more pro-active in their contact via email to the author informing them of their status instead of ignoring them. Even an form email saying “we’re still reviewing” would be helpful. Many other submission sites use a tracking system to great success.

    • Anne Perry says:

      Hi there,

      We’re sorry you’re annoyed. At this point we have considered and turned down about 95% of the submissions we received and are still reviewing the final submissions. The author of every submission we have considered and rejected has already been informed. If any waiting authors – and there are a few, as I said – have not heard from us, that is because we are still considering their submissions. Every submission we call in must first be read by multiple people at Hodder, across every department, and so the process is a time-consuming one.

      Before opening the submissions window we made the decision to only inform authors via email once we’d made our final decision, and not to send individual email updates. I’m sure you can appreciate that the time involved in sending 1,500 individual emails, even if that email were only a form letter, would be not insignificant. I’m sure you also appreciate that the amount of time and energy involved in the open submissions process has been enormous; let me assure you that I personally have devoted hundreds of hours of my nights and weekends to the project, above and beyond the day-to-day duties of my job, and I am only one of several people who have done the same in the months since the opens submissions window closed.

      We expect to have made all our final decisions by next week, at which point all remaining authors will be contacted. We will be updating Hodderscape with a final post on the open submissions process then.

    • Natalie Reinelt says:

      Dear Annoyed.

      I have really struggled with whether or not I wanted to just ignore you message, or respond to it, but unfortunately, you just struck too raw a nerve with me. As someone who received their rejection email earlier this month, I would give anything to still be in your position to possibly receive a ‘we would like to see more of your manuscript’ response.

      Most publishers require 6 months to a year to do this, with no notification until they are finished reviewing your work, and I think Anne Perry and her team have been great at updating us. Yes, there was confusion about how long it would initially take to complete the process, but look at how many submissions they received. (and you are still one of 1500 in the running).

      Instead of chewing Anne’s head off, say thank you for still considering your work.

      Thank you Anne Perry, and team Dodo, for the opportunity to submit my manuscript to Hodderscape, I hope you have another open submissions period that I may submit a different story to.

      Until then, best of luck to all of those still in the running, and happy reading.

    • Amy Blaze says:

      ‘annoyed,’ y’all sound like me when I drink Sambuca, which is why you’ll never find me drinking Sambuca.

      Regarding Ms Perry’s reply, I’m saddened to read this adventure may soon be coming to a conclusion, it’s been very exciting ~ still clutching the lottery of hope!

    • Jackee r says:

      Wasn’t sure if I should do this but…

      Not sure why you thought it was a good idea to approach things this way, Annoyed. It really wasn’t.

      Anne and her team gave us all the information they reasonably could have, and they were very professional about it. “Shut up and wait” was never something they said or even implied, but it’s good advice anyway. When you submit to an open door process, β€œsit around and wait” is the ride you bought the ticket to. I’m VERY new to this whole process, and even I could have told you it would be a bit. And I think we should be glad it did take them a lot of time! That means Anne and her team gave us a fair shot. πŸ˜‰

      Instead of writing mean things to people who have done the best they can, try buying an adult coloring book (I’m not being sarcastic here, I actually suggest coloring for stress). Or reading a book. Or knitting. Or editing. Really there is a whole list of things you can do other than berate people who haven’t done anything to you.

      I can understand the frustration of the stress, but I also understand that my frustration and stress are not things anyone from Hodder can control. Again, they gave us what they could and were very nice about it. Can’t ask for much more than that.

      To the Hodder team: thank you for giving us all this opportunity. Don’t listen to the haters! You’ve done a great job. I watch several writing forums, and people who post there keep talking about how polite and friendly you all have been during this process.

  • Douglas Pierce says:

    Thank you Anne for this update. As every other author who still has not heard back is, Inam anxious to hear the answer, whether positive or negative.

    So thank you again for all of you time and efforts in reviewing our submissions.

  • Michael R B says:

    Thank you Anne, not only for hosting the Open Submissions period but the work that all you and your team have put in – I’m sure it qualifies in the Above and Beyond category of awards.

    Thank you for letting us know how close you are to the finish line (It’s good to know it’s not ‘To Infinity and Beyond!’) and that, for the few who remain, we can soon stop chewing our fingers down to the bone… it’s been an interesting experience and that’s for sure.

    Thanks again to you and to all the team.

  • Jackee r says:

    Thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing, Anne. Sorry some can’t ride the ride they bought the ticket for.

  • Cecilia Satterthwaite says:

    I’m in the last 5%! Wow…
    Even if I don’t get farther than this, it’s made my year. Thank you Anne and team for all the hard work.

    To cope with the stress I’m editing and polishing the ms just in case you do ask for the full.

    Best of luck everyone.

  • Ashfae says:

    Anne, thank you so very much for the update! It’s been a long wild ride just on the waiting end, and I have no doubt *much more so* on Hodderscape’s side of things. It’s good to know the end is finally in sight. I’m actually wildly encouraged by the fact that I’ve made it so far, and even if I am rejected ultimately the entire experience has convinced me to keep working on my book and make it work. Thanks for the opportunity. And now back to editing. πŸ˜‰

  • Damo says:

    Annoyed, that was a very cowardly thing to do. To have an unjustified rant, and hide your identity doing it is shocking. If you felt the need to say something, you should have done so revealing your identity, so that The Hodderpeeps can cross you off their list as someone they would want to work with.

    I received my R a few weeks ago, and I’d give anything to still be in the running. I hope you receive your R soon, so you can discover what a disservice you did yourself by venting your frustrations.

    As for your attitude, you should be ashamed. Nobody owes you anything just because you wrote a book. It has been obvious from Anne’s many updates that this has been done in the evenings, at the weekends, and at any spare moment, on top of her day job.

    The open submissions window phenomenon is an opportunity you should have welcomed as a shot with a publisher, that you wouldn’t have otherwise gotten, and by the sounds of it, deserved.

  • Michael R B says:

    ‘Nothing to see here. Keep it moving, please, nothing to see here…’

    I do think Annoyed went over the top, but perhaps a better misnomer would have been Frustrated – and it seems we’ve all felt that way at some point during this process. It is a shame that Exasperation could not manage it as well as the rest of us, but then again, who knows what else is going on in Vexed’s life?

    Anne Perry gave a very reasonable, courteous, informative and (above all) professional answer to that particular posting – perhaps we should now draw a line – hard as that might be for some of us – under it?

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