Hodderscape Wants You!

By Anne Perry

Posted on April 9, 2014 in News with tags Hodderscape, News, Paid Content, Paid Contributors

You might recall that, not long after we launched Hodderscape.co.uk, we put out a call for contributors. Today we’re delighted to renew that call… but with a twist. From now on, we’ll be paying our contributors for original content.

Whether you’re a writer, a blogger, a reviewer or just a keen reader – WE NEED YOU! We’re open to anything from opinion pieces to reviews of SF/Fantasy-related stuff to general musings. If you’d like to become a contributor, drop us a line at hodderscape@hodder.co.uk or use our Contact Us page. Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re interested in writing about (or even include the full piece), and we’ll take it from there!


Who can write for us

Anyone! Whether you’re an author, a reviewer, a blogger or just an avid reader, we’re open to your contributions. Basically, if you have something to share, we want to hear it!

What to write

We’re not setting any strict parameters regarding topics – we’re just looking for content that’s of interest to our community. So, it could be an opinion piece, a review, a general musing of any kind; it could be about SFF/Horror/speculative books (a piece on a specific author or genre, for example); or it could be something on a related topic such as film, TV, games or art. We can’t promise to publish your piece, but we will absolutely consider everything that is submitted.

There’s no word limit, but somewhere between 500 and 750 words is ideal.


We require first publication rights, non-exclusive into perpetuity. What that means is, we’re looking for articles and essays that have never been published before. If, later on, you’d like to republish what you’ve written for us somewhere else, that’s fine!

If you have any questions about the rights situation, please feel free to drop us a line.

Please do…

  • Write something that you feel is of interest to the wider SFF community.
  • Feel free to run the subject of your piece past us if you would like our view on whether or not it’s a suitable topic.
  • Proof-read! (Seriously, this is really important.)

What you’ll get in return for your contribution

We pay £10 per article and will send a bundle of Hodder books to anyone whose piece we publish.


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