Zodiac Station, by
Tom Harper

Zodiac Station by Tom Harper

A lone skier, half-dead with cold, emerges out of the deadly cold of the Arctic Circle. He’s nearly frozen to death, and there’s blood on his clothing, and what looks like a bullet hole though his jacket. But he hasn’t been shot…

His name is Tom Anderson, and he is the only survivor of a disaster at Zodiac Station, a scientific research base deep in the Arctic Circle. He tells an incredible story of scientists and spies, of lust and greed, of jealousy, mayhem and murder. But his tale simply doesn’t add up. Whose blood is smeared across his clothes? Why is that jacket labelled with someone else’s name?

It’s clear that more was going on at Zodiac Station than Anderson is telling. And someone else may have survived the disaster, as well… someone who has killed before, and who is willing to kill again.


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