Dark Made Dawn, by
James P. Smythe

dark made dawn
The extraordinary conclusion to the epic Australia Trilogy by JP Smythe, whom the Guardian calls ‘a young writer with a preternaturally powerful and distinctive voice.’

There was one truth on Australia, the prison ship on which Chan was born and raised: you fight or you die. Usually both.

But everything on Australia was a lie. Abandoned and alone, Chan was forced to live a terrible existence on the fringes of society, Australia‘s only survivor after a terrible crash-landing on Earth.

But Chan discovered she was not alone. Together with the unlikeliest of allies, Chan carved out a place for herself on Earth. And now the time has come: she’s finally found a reason to keep going. But friends have become enemies, and enemies have become friends. It’s time for Chan to create her own truths, and discover a life beyond fighting and death.

A life beyond Australia.

Cover design: 12 Orchards


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