Our Books: Speculative Fiction

  • Body Tourists

    Body Tourists

    Jane Rogers

    Her observation of our species is tender, precise, illuminating – Hilary Mantel In this version of London, there is a small, private clinic. Behind its layers of security, procedures are taking place on poor, robust teenagers from Northern Estates in e …

  • Emily Eternal

    Emily Eternal

    M. G. Wheaton

    Meet Emily – she can solve advanced mathematical problems, unlock the mind’s deepest secrets and even fix your truck’s air con, but unfortunately, she can’t restart the Sun. She’s an artificial consciousness, designed in a lab to help humans process tr …

  • Early Riser

    Early Riser

    Jasper Fforde

    Jasper Fforde’s first standalone novel – full of the imagination, wit and intelligence that has made Fforde a Number One bestseller. Imagine a world where all humans must hibernate through a brutally cold winter, their bodies dangerously close to death …

  • Claudia


    Anthony Trevelyan

    How good are people? Let me tell you, Dee: people are as good as the pair of eyes they believe is on them… When Claudia Talwar is called to meet a mysterious visitor in the reception of her Manchester office block, she can’t believe her eyes. It’s Sa …

  • Suicide Club

    Suicide Club

    Rachel Heng

    They leave us no choice. Always look both ways before you cross the road. Get a 9 to 5 job . Exercise for 30 minutes every day. Do not eat bread. Do not eat sugar. Do yoga. Do meditate. Never raise your voice. Always smile, even if you feel like dying. …

  • The Book of Luce

    The Book of Luce

    L. R. Fredericks

    A mind-bending mystery spanning continents and centuries for all fans of Neal Stephenson and David Mitchell. My obsession begins in the magical year 1967, at Luce and the Photons’ legendary last secret gig. That night changes my life: I must know who L …

  • Sockpuppet


    Matthew Blakstad

    How do you find someone who doesn’t exist? There’s no such person as sic_girl. She’s a fake internet personality Dani Farr designed to win a bet. But she’s just started spilling state secrets. Dani can’t imagine why anyone would hack a bit of code she …

  • Slade House

    Slade House

    David Mitchell

    Prepare to be chilled, electrified and entertained – a gem of a novel from ‘one of the most brilliantly inventive writers of this, or any country’ – Independent Born out of the short story David Mitchell published on Twitter in 2014 and inhabiting the …

  • Crooked


    Austin Grossman

    This is the story of the great con game that was the late twentieth century, of American history’s worst presidency, of how I learned to lie. It is not history as you know it. There are at least three sides to this story, and I’m telling both of mine. …

  • The Loney

    The Loney

    Andrew Michael Hurley

    A beautiful, thrilling and unsettling debut novel. If it had another name, I never knew, but the locals called it the Loney – that strange nowhere between the Wyre and the Lune where Hanny and I went every Easter time with Mummer, Farther, Mr and Mrs B …

  • Gun Machine

    Gun Machine

    Warren Ellis

    An apartment full of guns. A hundred unsolved murders. An explosive, utterly unique crime novel from world-famous comics writer Warren Ellis. The room is full of guns. Old ones. New ones. Modified ones. Hundreds of them. This is a collection belonging …

  • A Man Lies Dreaming

    A Man Lies Dreaming

    Lavie Tidhar

    ‘A twisted masterpiece’ – Adam Roberts, Guardian Deep in the heart of history’s most infamous concentration camp, a man lies dreaming. His name is Shomer, and before the war he was a pulp fiction author. Now, to escape the brutal reality of life in Aus …

  • The Violent Century

    The Violent Century

    Lavie Tidhar

    John le Carré meets Alan Moore’s The Watchmen in this stunning novel by one of science fiction’s most original voices. They’d never meant to be heroes. For seventy years they guarded the British Empire. Oblivion and Fogg, inseparable friends, bound tog …

  • The Book of Phoenix

    The Book of Phoenix

    Nnedi Okorafor

    Spanning contents and centuries, The Book of Phoenix is an epic, incendiary work of magial realism featuring Nnedi Okorafor’s most incredible, unforgettable heroine yet. They call her many things – a research project, a test-subject, a specimen. An abo …

  • The Vorrh

    The Vorrh

    Brian Catling

    In the tradition of China Miéville, Michael Moorcock and Alasdair Gray, B. Catling’s The Vorrh is literary dark fantasy which wilfully ignores boundaries, crossing over into surrealism, magic-realism, horror and steampunk. In B. Catling’s twisting, poe …

  • Lagoon


    Nnedi Okorafor

    Three strangers, each isolated by his or her own problems: Adaora, the marine biologist. Anthony, the rapper famous throughout Africa. Agu, the troubled soldier. Wandering Bar Beach in Lagos, Nigeria’s legendary mega-city, they’re more alone than they’ …

  • The Three

    The Three

    Sarah Lotz

    Lost meets The Passage in this incredible new thriller, for all fans of The Shining Girls and Stephen King. They’re here … The boy. The boy watch the boy watch the dead people oh Lordy there’s so many … They’re coming for me now. We’re all going so …

  • Day Four

    Day Four

    Sarah Lotz

    Sarah Lotz’s extraordinary, unmissable follow-up to the book that made headlines around the world, The Three – perfect for fans of The Shining Girls, The Passage and Lost. Four days into a five day singles cruise on the Gulf of Mexico, the ageing ship …