A dodo’s eye view of our new office

By Fleur Clarke

Posted on April 14, 2015 in Books with tags Life in Publishing

Pickwick has a new nest! We’ve upped sticks and moved to Hachette’s new riverside headquarters at Victoria Embankment. Here’s a quick tour of our new lair. First, a visit to the Hachette lobby…

Hachette Office Shelf

We can neither confirm nor deny that this swirly book shelf is intended to hypnotise all who visit into buying our books. But, we will actively propagate that rumour.


Hachette Office 9 Hachette Office 8

What the Hodder & Stoughton lobby lacks in trance-inducing shelves, it makes up for in fancy upholstery and a fine selection of our latest titles. Squint (or, just click on the image) and you’ll see Pickwick nestling on the sofa – she enjoys a bit of luxury.

Speaking of luxury, here’s one of our new office’s finest spots:

Hachette Office 3 Hachette Office 4 Hachette Office 5

As you can see, there’s a legion Stephen King books, and a pair of very cool bookends.

You may be detecting a trend: there are lots of book shelves in our office. It’s an occupational hazard. But in addition to books and various mod cons (I’m thinking in particular of a coffee machine which may one day overthrow its human overlords) there are some rather handsome architectural features. We present, Exhibit A: fancy staircase…

Carmelite Staircase 3  Carmelite Staircase 1 

And, Exhibit B: the view from our new roof terrace.

Hachette Office 10

Our new offices might be swish, but we’re still keeping the ‘odd’ in Hodder and ensuring that dinosaurs, Petyr Baelish and tentacles are well-represented in our new home.

 Hachette Office 11

Hachette Office 12 Hachette Office 13
So, that concludes our quick tour of Hachette’s new office!


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